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Dramatic makeup

The Classic dramatic makeup is usualy a dark sharp contouring lined eye. The focus is on the eyes. Smokey is a part of   the ”Dramatic makeup”. Smokey is all about bluring the contouring lines.  Smokey eyes and classic dramatic can be black or colorful eyehadows with smoky look and shape.

The classic dramatic and the classic smokey is black.

close and far distance eyshadow technique

Short distance makeup for closeup photoshoots. It should be very small detailed eye makeup. Keep the details on the eye area.

Far distance makeup for full body shoots or fashion shows.

(2-3 m distance) It means it has to show from far distance, you can use a bigger area for makeup.

You can use any material.

Cut crease

For a good cut crease makep the most important to use a darker color as a background color and you cut this background with a lighter color with the shape that we learnt on the dramatic lesson. It can be half cut crease or full cut crease. The end can be floating or closed, depend on the line meeting with the eyeliner or not.

To create a light sharp part of the eye use a base ( like special base)

For the lesson I asked for full cutcrease.

oriental makeup

Oriental makeup is very dramatic and strong makeup.

Think about that how can you create that drama effect? Very important to use light colors in the inner corner and the lid, on the outer corner and the crease use dark, blackish colors. Eyeliner is a must. Use dark colors under the eyes as well. 

Go for a stronger contouring and stronger eyebrows.


Avantgarde makeup is something new, something out of ordinary that we never seen before. You can use all kind of products. You can work on all part of the face, but be sure you`re not overdo.

3D painting

When you do 3D painting very important to know where is the light coming from. That decide where will be shadows and where will be highlights. We used aqua colors on the lesson. 

This 2 painting (holes and the eye) was the lesson and 1 free choice was the homework.

Not everybody sent the homework yet... I put some inspiration for the homework as well. 

bridal, prom

When you do bridal makeup is very important to know everything about the wedding. All the details, color theme, the dress, flowers etc. When you know all the details, than you can create a perfect look for the bride.

For this lesson you need to do the consultation (write down all the details) and the makeup.

Dark skin

For dark skin makeup we need to think in the opposite way as we do for fair skin. It depends on the skin tone, we use darker colors for natural look, to match to the natural colors and shadows of the skin. For evening look we can use lighter and shinier colors. 

Natural and evening look.

asian look

For asian eye, we need to create a new fake crease line. Do that with a darker color eyeshadow. Focus on the bigger eye effect. The colors you match to your costumer.

natural and evening look.

Male makeup

For male makeup you need to complete 3 different look, natural, runway (male smokey) and drag queen. You need to cover the eyebrow for drag queen and don`t forget for drag queen we want a bold look. You can portrude the eye, lips use very strong contouring.

Mature makeup

For mature ladies we use a soft makeup. Use light foundation, in this lesson we used microsilk foundation (foundation and powder together) We use soft colors, soft kajal or browshade instead of eyeliner. No shiny colors on the eye, and we keep the colors in the neutral shades. Less is more in this case.

20`s makeup

For classic look, cover the eyebrows and create a raw melancholic eyebrow with black (eyshadow is the best).

The eyemakeup black or bordoux. Lips are the classic kissing lips, dark bordoux. 

For the high fashion use your fantasy, You can use all kind of materials, just it has to keep the signature look of the 20`s makeup.

40`s and Marilyn


 Natural beauty, kinda pale skin, long curved eyebrows, eyeliner with a small wing. (brown) The lip overlined, red.  The blush in a triangle shape, natural pinkish tone.


Pale beautifl skin. Eyebrow trianglish shorter. Eyemakeup natural, use the melancholic techinque that I showed. Eyeliner brown, the wing looks like a curvy eyelash. 

Lip is bubbly, deeper red, shiny. Blush, focus on the apple of the cheecks. Use creamy highlighter. Beauty spot!

Twiggy classic and high fashion

Focus on the big bambi eye. The eyeshape should be round, emphasize it with the round dark line on the crease line and the the eyeliner (the eyeliner goes down in the inner- and outer corner) Painted dollish look eyelashes on the under eye. The skin a bit suntanned and have freckles. The lip is light pinkish color.

70s classic and high fashion

The biggest trend in eyeshadow colors was the blue and the green. The skin was suntanned, thez usuallz used strong blush. The lips are orange or orangish brownd shades.

POP and PUNK 8

The pop makeup was very colorful. The eyeshadow reached the eyebrow, and the eyebrows were strong and kinda bushy. C blush. Strong pinkish lips. 
Punk, black straight lines on the eyes, connected with the eyebrows. Strong dark blush and lips.

90`s natural and grunge

90`s supermodel natural makeup with brownish tones and grunge with smudged smokey and dark bordoeux lips.