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  • Amrita Chowdhury and Nathalie Santesson

Future Prospects After Completing Makeup Education

As one of the top 10 makeup schools in the world, Make Up Institute Stockholm takes pride in offering both on-site and online training for makeup artists, hair stylists, eyelash stylists and many more. We understand that it can sometimes be challenging to know what career opportunities are available after completing your makeup education. We are ready to address the common questions and clear the most frquent confusions in this blog! Let´s dig in!

Different Types of Jobs After Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Education:

The constantly growing demand for professional makeup artists and hair stylists creates numerous career opportunities for certified makeup artists. After graduating, makeup artists might work as freelancers or for stylist agencies or makeup and cosmetics businesses. Graduates can also choose to pursue a teacher education program to become certified teachers. Working in film, theatre, and advertisements is also plentiful for certified makeup artists with the required skills and knowledge.

As a freelancer, you can choose to work on different projects where businesses or individuals hire makeup artists. As a freelancer, you are free to determine your rate-chart and schedule. Freelancers are in high demand at press photo shoots, fashion shows, concerts, theaters, TV, and other events.

For freelancers, networking is essential. The likelihood of repeat business increases within a large network of satisfied clients. Therefore, maintaining professionalism and consistently meeting client needs is crucial to fostering strong connections. Our education programs provide opportunities to meet new people and shadow industry experts on real projects, gaining invaluable real-world experience that can lead to new opportunities in the beauty sector.

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Support and Guidance for the Students-

During our education programs, our students get opportunities to be part and work at different fashion shows, photoshoots, and various events. We place a lot of emphasis on providing students with a wide range of practical experiences in order to guarantee that they have real-world experience and reasonable expectations for working in the industry. Our instructors always guide their pupils as they prepare for their future careers. Furthermore, talented alumni of Make Up Institute can continue to work with us through our own makeup artist and hair stylist agency. In case you, as a recently graduated makeup artist, are unsure about where to work or what kind of jobs you can take on, we are always here to help.

What Our Former Students Are Up to These Days-

After completing their makeup training at Makeup Institute Stockholm, former students have gone on to work in a variety of roles within the beauty business. While some are working freelance and began working on hair and cosmetics, others are employed by makeup companies like Mac, Kicks, NK, and Mist Stockholm. Some even achieved to prominence as social media influencers. Numerous of our alumni have relocated overseas to work as makeup artists in cities like New York and Las Vegas. As you can see, there are a lot of career possibilities to consider, a variety of professions to try out, and you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Average Pay for Jobs in Beauty

Depending on their level of training and expertise, stylists can earn a wide range of salaries. The average monthly pay is 26,000 SEK, but this varies greatly depending on experience, education, and connections. If you want to become a makeup artist, we advise you to enroll in a respectable school with a wide curriculum that covers everything from fundamentals to cutting edge techniques. The International Master Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Course is our flagship curriculum if you're looking for advanced makeup knowledge. Our shorter beauty course such as the intensive makeup course is perfect if you want to learn the basics.


Pricing for Styling Sessions

If you're aspiring to become a freelance makeup artist, we understand that setting your rates can be a bit daunting. Allow us to help you with that. The more skilled you become, the higher your rates can be. With our stylist training, you gain experience, practice, and contacts, allowing you to deserve higher prices. The day and time of service reservations also affect pricing. Generally, weekends and evenings should command higher fees due to their popularity and the inconvenience for stylists.

A newly graduated stylist from Make Up Institute Stockholm can generally charge up to 3,300 SEK for a styling session. Here's an example of a price list:

  • Makeup, weekdays: 800 SEK

  • Makeup, weekends: 1,400 SEK

  • Hair, weekdays: 1,200 SEK

  • Hair, weekends: 2,400 SEK

  • Makeup and hair: 2,000 SEK

  • Makeup and hair, weekends: 3,300 SEK

The costs indicated are for individual customers. Corporate client rates can differ significantly. These are only estimates that ultimatelydepend on your time investment and product costs. If you have more questions, contact us at and check out our website.


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