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Dark Skin Beauty

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Advanced Makeup Course
In Dark Skin

The course will cover "Color corrections" and special techniques for ethnic makeup. You will learn step-by-step how to apply makeup and basic techniques for individuals with darker skin tones. This course is essential for makeup artists looking to enhance their skills. The course is conducted by Make Up Institute's instructors who will show you how to create perfect skin, perform "inverse contouring" at an advanced level, and achieve flawless and ultimate skin using the latest techniques and products.


The course includes:


  • Differences between a variety of skin tones  

  • Foundation for deeper skin tones. 

  • Working upon clients with pigmentation or multiple tones.

  • Theory and practical application of reverse contouring for shaping dark skin tones

  • The principle of colour correction on deeper skin tone

  • The power of pigment required for a deeper skin tone

  • The importance of highlight upon a deeper skin tone

  • Beauty make-up for deeper skin tones


Price & Additional information


Instruction is in English and Swedish.

The course requires a minimum of 6 students to go ahead.


      Autumn Term 2024

  • Course length: 1 day

  • Course Fee: 6 000 SEK

  • Produkt kit: 4000 SEK

  • Course No: DS2 - 2024

  • Course start: 25 October, 2024 

  • Time: 10:00-16:00



There are also opportunities to take bank loans. We cooperate with Human Finance that is offering various alternatives to the payment of your education. Example, you can interest-free split your course fees for up to 12 months. Click here to calculate the costs.


Registration is completed when the registration fee is available to us.

The remaining course fees are paid approximately 28 days before the course starts.


Our terms & conditions apply.

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