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Make Up Institute is one of Europe’s leading makeup academies. Students from all over the world come here to be educated as Master Makeup Artists, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Makeup Artist Instructors. The Institute is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Make Up Institute can if necessary, organise accommodation for students who are not local. Spaces, however, are limited and operated in a first come, first served system.

Make Up Institute Stockholm in internationally and nationaly accredited.

The International Master Makeup Artist and the international Makeup Artist including Hair stylist programs are under the state inspection, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYH) and accredited by IUM - International Union For Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist Education and Seyf.

Finding models for practice is done by the students; the Institute also has a registry of models available to our students. The school’s education plan, the ratio of teachers to assistants to students and our modern premises also contribute to the high calibre of our education. Make Up Institute accepts a limited amount of students every school term. The Institute’s premises are approximately 260 sqm.


Makeup as a Profession

Most of the information we get today comes from visual media like television, the internet, films, newspapers, and magazines. The visual media has increased tremendously in the last few years due to the world’s ever-increasing technology. For makeup artists, this means more work and opportunities. Makeup as a profession is divided into different specialities which also give exclusive chances for work.




During the last weeks of the course, the Master Makeup Artist students take their final exam. The students are working with a professional photographer and create a complete look of  5 different models with both makeup, hairstyling and styling.  That results in a portfolio with 50 digital pictures which the students get at the end of the course together with the international Master certificates. These portfolios typically prove very useful for makeup artists at job interviews.


Internship days are an obligation during education. The number of internships depends on which of the education you attend. The school arranges internships of various kinds.
That can be makeup and hairstyling for private people, film, Tv production, fairs, fashion show, where students get to test their new skills in real life. This is a very important part of our teaching as it provides an opportunity to try out the "real life" as a makeup artist or hairstylist in a safe way.

Professional makeup kit

During the last weeks of the course, the Master Makeup Artist students take their final exam. The students are working with a You that participate in of our professional makeup artist programs will receive  a makeupbag with products with a Value 25,000 - 45 000 SEK as a gift from Make Up Institute. These products are specially selected so that you as a student can use them for the course and during your internship days. It is a lot of products that you will get, but from experience we know that our students buy more material during the course. In average, each student spend about 5000 SEK for extra products

Our staff

Make Up Institute’s instructors are all active professional makeup artists and hairstylists with years of experience in all categories of makeup and hair. We set high standards on experience, competence and teaching ability.

Shaul Moalem


As headmaster at Make Up Institute, Shaul has the primary role in developing and running the courses, and shoulders the overall responsibility for the school’s operations. Along with the teachers, it is Shaul who develops the courses’ structure and content. He is responsible for the school’s results and for making sure that its academic goals are met. Shaul stays abreast with the school’s day-to-day work and ensures that the courses stay up to date with the very latest trends and techniques. Shaul teaches part of the lessons especially when it comes to the more Advanced and extreme makeups, he is mostly handling the theory part and then comes the practical training which the other teachers take over to help and approve the students work.  He is also responsible for supporting the teachers and staff.


In the wider field, Shaul is a chairman and serves as an examiner at IUM´s (international union for makeup artist and hairstylist education) makeup schools all over the world.  He is the managing director of MIST STOCKHOLM  – a brand of cosmetics aimed at professional makeup artists. He is one of the industry’s leading makeup artists and is frequently contracted for assignments both in Sweden and abroad.  Shaul is the elected chairman of board of the IUM, International Union for Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Education. To make an appointment to meet Shaul personally, for instance, to learn more about our Master Makeup Artist course, visit our contact page.

Meet Our Team

Judit Szekeres
Makeup teacher
Attila Meszaros
hair and makeup,
Maria Vikström
Hairstylist teacher
Carolin Wahlgren
Guest teacher
Konstantina Chronis
Hairstylist teacher
Sasha Spasic
Makeup and Hairstylist
Guest teacher
Peter & Petra Tronser
Air brush
Guest teachers
Lisa Moses 
Skincare & Wax
Eyelash extension teacher
Magdalena Moldoveanu
Makeup  teacher 

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