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Terms & Conditions for Make Up Institute's Courses


  •  Registration fee should be paid and received by the Institute. latest 14 days from the applications date. The remaining course fees are due at the latest 60 days before the course starts.

  • The registration and course fee is non-refundable except that the student will not have a place on the program. In case of illness, a medical certificate is required, and the student will be assigned a place on the next course. Diplomas are not awarded to students who have missed more than 12 theoretical lessons. Exceptions are made if the student has a medical certificate, then the student can complete on the next course.

  • Your application is covered under Swedish distance selling regulations (Distance & Hemförsäljningslagen). This means that when you book a course with us over the internet or by phone rather than in person, you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period during which you may change your mind for a full refund. When exercising the right of withdrawal, we recommend that you use our withdrawal form. If you need to withdraw due to illness, a medical certificate is required, and your reservation will be transferred to the next equivalent course.

  • Make Up Institute is not responsible for missed lessons due to absence. If the absence is due to illness and you can provide a medical certificate, remedial lessons will be offered in conjunction with the next equivalent course at the MUI.

  • Additional lessons are scheduled to catch up on missed lessons. By the last week of the course, all modules must be completed to receive a diploma.

  • Make Up Institute is not responsible for health issues (including but not limited to allergies, respiratory and spinal problems) caused or exacerbated during the course. When in doubt, we recommend that students consult a medical professional before beginning the course.

  • Make Up Institute is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including students’ makeup boxes.

  • To minimize the risk of allergies, only MIST Stockholms cosmetics, makeup and equipments can be used in the school premises and internships..

  • Make Up Institute reserves the right to suspend or expel students who act unprofessionally or otherwise disrupt teaching. In that case, the student forfeits all fees paid. Students may be suspended if they fail to adhere to our dress code.

  • Make Up Institute reserves the right to not award diplomas to students with high absenteeism, students who have not successfully passed the test, students who misbehaved or has an unsettled debt to Make Up Institute. Students who have not completed their *internship days or the course’s minimum number practical training (*not valid for international students who apply for the Distans Flex programs). 

  • If a student has failed a test or exam during the Makeup Artist and Hairstylist educations, the student is offered an extra test during the course. If a student failed again, a third test will be offered during the next course. No further tests will be offered. For the Eyelashstylist course, only one exam opportunity is offered. If the test result is not approved, an extra test day can be booked at cost of 2400 SEK / person.

  • Working shirt should be return to the institute latest at the end of the course.

  • Students attending our distance learning courses are responsible for providing their own IT provisions; at a minimum, they will require a computer with a broadband internet connection, sound card and webcam. Attendance at the school is also required few days during the eduction (as to a schedule). International student who apply to the Distans Flex programs will not be required to come physically to the school.

  • All courses take place during the daytime according to schedule (Swedish time).

  • Internships may take place during daytime, evenings and weekends.

  • Instruction is in English and Swedish.

  • Eyelash extension: As to the  Swedish Work Environment Authority new demand for an allergy test Tjänstbarhetsintyg,  The student is responsible to pay for and book this test by him/her self. Exams will be done after 10 approved practice which should be mailed to the school no later than 10 weeks after the course date. The test date will be announced on the course date.  

  • Students are responsible for arranging their models for lessons, exams, and photography.

  • All photographs and digital materials created by Make Up Institute staff during the course belong to Make Up Institute. We retain all rights, including but not limited to the rights to use all such materials for publicity purposes.

  • Images for student portfolios are provided in digital form.

  • Students who participate in the distance Flex programs will be invoiced a transport fees in case of that they would not come physically to the school to get the makeup kit/ portfolio. 



Terms & Conditions

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