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Make up Institute Stockholm is approved by:


prosthetic makeup effects and character design

This course is created especially for those who wants to work in the film industry,. You can learn from an industry leader artist, who will show you all the details how to to cast build and apply your own prosthetics.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Makeup Effects and lifecasting

  • Life casting and intro to Sculpting, Understanding clays and sculpting tools.

  • Sculpting simple flat prosthetics

  • Detailing and molding flat prosthetics. understanding materials and technique

  • Running silicone or gelatin into flat prosthetic mold

  • Applying flat molded prosthetic

  • Understanding technique and colour

  • Sculpting Building your character onto the lifecast

  • Sculpting and detailing, floating prosthetic

  • Mold making begin to make simple mold and or flat molds

  • De-mold prosthetic and prep for application

  • Final application

    Price & Additional information:

Autumn 2024

Course length: 3 weeks

Date: 7th October 2024

Registration fee: 4000 SEK

Course Fee: 39 800 SEK 

Our terms & conditions apply.

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