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Cultural Kaleidoscope Facechart Competition

Calling all creatives, artists, and makeup enthusiasts! Get ready to showcase your talents in our exciting Cultural Kaleidoscope Facechart Competition!

Theme: Let your imagination soar as you draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of cultures around the world. From traditional costumes to vibrant patterns, and folk tales, explore the diversity of global heritage in your facechart designs.

Guidelines: There are no limits to your creativity! Whether you prefer pen, makeup or digital tools, create your facechart masterpiece and submit it in physical form. Remember, precision and creativity are key! In keeping with the spirit of artistic expression, all submissions must be hand-drawn (AI-generated entries will not be considered), adding a personal touch to your cultural creations!

Judging: Your artwork will be reviewed by an esteemed international jury, comprising professionals from renowned makeup schools. They'll be looking for creativity, technical skills, and precision in your designs. Representatives from three international makeup schools will join our panel of judges, adding an extra layer of expertise to the evaluation process.

Prize: The winner will receive an exclusive MIST Stockholm makeup kit valued at 3000 kr, packed with premium beauty essentials to elevate your makeup game!

Exhibition Day: Mark your calendars for May 18th! The exhibition will be open to the public, giving everyone a chance to admire your creativity and celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity.

How to Apply: Fill out the registration form below and submit your artwork by post. Registration is completely free, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


Important Note: Participants can submit up to three artworks, but only one winner will be selected. So, put your best brush forward and let your cultural inspirations shine!

Don't miss your chance to be part of this exciting event. Join us as we celebrate creativity, diversity, and the art of makeup in the Cultural Kaleidoscope Facechart Competition!

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