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Makeup Artist

Make up Institute Stockholm is approved by:


 International Makeup Artist and hairstylist 
(Regular/Distance Flex)

Our International Makeup Artist and Hairstylist course (Regular/Distance Flex)** is a combination of Make Up Artist, and Hairstyling education. This program is suitable for those who want to work as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist in the fields of fashion, TV, advertising, bridal, makeup stores etc.

The training is 14 weeks and includes 4 photo session and digital portfolio photos.

This education program leads to an international Makeup Artist and Hairstylist certification.

**Distance Flex: In this mode, your will have flexibility to choose your own schedule. You can come physically to school whenever you want, be online during the classes (usually between 9 AM to 11 AM Swedish time) or have an opportunity to watch video recordings of the lessons within 24 hours. Your presence is mandatory for the final certification exam (not applicable for the international students). This course works perfectly for those who cannot be present physically in Stockholm or have a day job.

Here is how to apply:

1. Fuel your ambition: Fill out our online application and share your story. What ignites your passion for makeup? What career dreams do you want to chase? When you have submitted your application we will invite you for a personal entrance exam.

2. Entrance exam: Participate in our engaging one-hour entrance exam. It's designed to assess your artistic skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative spark. This rigorous selection process ensures a supportive and high-achieving learning environment for all students. 

3. Payment of Registration Fee: Once you have gotten approved for the education you pay the registration fee to secure your place at the program.

The course includes:


  • Product knowledge

  • Hygiene

  • Tool care

  • Basic skin care

  • Skin type analysis

  • Tweezing of eyebrows

  • Shaping of eyebrows

  • Face shapes

  • Face shape correction

  • Contouring

  • Strobing

  • Colour theory

  • Colour analysis

  • Eyeshadow technique

  • Application technique

  • Posture, Ergonomics

  • Medicine makeup/Camouflage

  • Eyelash and brow colouring

  • Creation of sources of inspiration

  • Research


  • Product knowledge

  • Hair and tool theory

  • Hairpin techniques

  • Hair drying techniques

  • Teasing techniques

  • The use of heating coils

  • Dealing with a curling iron & flat iron

  • Using Extensions

  • Clean combing

  • Braids

  • Twisting/splits

  • Hairnet techniques

  • Fashion & trend hairstyles

  • Fast hairdos

  • Historical hairstyles

  • Hairdos – bridal

  • Bridal consultation

  • Accessories

  • French twist

  • Weaves

  • Hairdo – short hair

  • Hairdo – long hair

  • Styling for boys

  • Hairdo for fashion shows and photo shoots

  • Sources of inspiration

  • Research

  • Photo day in a studio

Television, Film & Photography

  • Indoor Photography

  • Outdoor Photography

  • Lighting and its impact/effects

  • Makeup for color photography

  • Makeup for black/white photography

  • Makeup for film

  • Makeup for advertising

  • Makeup for a music video

  • Makeup for cover

  • Makeup for press and magazines

  • Editorials

  • Working in studio

  • Working under time pressure

  • Adapting the makeup, hair, clothing and background model

  • Day in the studio

  • Moodboards

    High Fashion Makeup

  • Glimmers Technology

  • Application of the eyelashes

  • Application of extreme eyelashes

  • Application of single lashes


  • Study of past and present

  • Epoch makeup theory

  • Tribal makeup

  • Egyptian makeup

  • Baroque makeup

  • Flapper girl makeup

  • 30`s makeup

  • 40`s makeup

  • Marilyn Monroe makeup

  • Twiggy makeup

  • Hippie makeup

  • 80`s pop makeup

  • 80`s punk makeup

  • 90`s supermodel makeup

  • Grunge makeup

  • Makeup in different cultures​

    Colour Analysis

  • Different skin colours

  • Different seasons

  • Colour Analysis for jewellery

  • Colour Analysis for clothes


  • Contouring

  • Using different types of foundation

  • Glowing skin

  • Natural makeup

  • Evening makeup

  • Dramatic makeup

  • Glamour makeup

  • Different styles of eyeliner

  • Trend makeup

  • Extreme makeup

  • Avant-garde makeup

  • Fantasy makeup

  • Bridal makeup

  • Prom makeup

  • Makeup for mature skin

  • Makeup for different skintones

  • K.pop makeup

  • Makeup for monolid

  • Oriental makeup

  • Makeup for a fashion show

  • Male natural makeup

  • Male make up for runway and photo

  • Drag queen makeup

  • Covering the eyebrows

  • Artistic makeup

  • Medical makeup

  • To hide scars, pigment changes, etc.

  • Face chart 3D

  • Introduction to airbrush HD makeup

    The profession as a makeup artist

  • Marketing

  • Individual guidance in your future profession

  • Customer service

  • Counseling

  • Sales techniques

  • Self-promotion

  • Portfolio – construction

  • Portfolio – presentation

  • Freelance work

  • Jobs and fees

  • Starting your own business


  • Product knowledge

  • Using the right tools

  • Basic manicure

  • Shaping and filing the nails

  • Polishing

  • Coating

  • French manicure

  • Nail Decorations

  • Nail Care

Price & Additional information


A gift from Make Up Institute that includes a professional makeup and hairstyling kit with products and equipment to use during the education and in the practical part. This kit has a total value of 35 000 SEK.

3 photo sessions and a portfolio with digital photos of your work are included.

Autumn Term 2024

Course length: 14 weeks

Registration Fee: 4 000 SEK

Course Fee: 78 800 SEK 

Course No: MUAHDF2 - 2024

Course start: 5th of August 2024

Days: Monday, Tuesday*, Wednesday, Thursday

Time: 09:00-16:00


* Tuesdays: 9.00-13.00 under 14 weeks, it starts on the 20th of August 2024

*The course fee can be divided to 72 months with a monthly payment of aprox. 1800 kr./month.

*Only for Swedish resident, who are approved by Human Finance.

Spring Term 2025

Course length: 14 weeks

Registration Fee: 4 000 SEK

Course Fee: 78 800 SEK 

Course No: MUAHDF1 - 2025

Course start: 6th January, 2025

Days: Monday, Tuesday*, Wednesday, Thursday

Time: 09:00-16:00


* Tuesdays: 9.00-13.00 under 14 weeks, it starts on the 21st of January 2025

*The course fee can be divided to 72 months with a monthly payment of aprox. 1800 kr./month.

*Only for swedish resident, who are approved by Human Finance.

There are also opportunities to take bank loans. We cooperate with Human Finance that is offering various alternatives to the payment of your education. Example, you can interest-free split your course fees for up to 12 months. Click here to calculate the costs.

Click on borrow for more information about Human Finance's various financing options for your education.

Registration is binding and is only recorded when the registration fee has been received by us.

The remaining course fee is to be paid approximately 28 days before the course starts.

Our terms & conditions apply.


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